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Twitter Chat: Supporting LGBT Students in School

How do schools support their LGBT students and address issues of bullying? Educators share their experiences and strategies for helping LGBT students feel safe inside school walls.


  1. Research has shown that all students have a better chance of succeeding academically when they feel safe, supported, and engaged at school. So how can schools create those conditions for LGBT students? Education Week reporter Evie Blad, who writes for the  Rules for Engagement blog, led a discussion of that topic in our #ewedchat on August 6:

  2. To start the chat, we asked Twitter guests to share some of the struggles they've seen faced by their LGBT students:
  3. For those unfamiliar with Rachel's Challenge, it's a non-profit organization that aims to create safe school environments, as @DrForestIssac points out:
  4. In addition to specific programs, role models can play a huge part in the lives of young people. Even though there are notable LGBT actors and actresses like Laverne Cox, Ellen Degenerus, and Neil Patrick Harris, @clutch234 made a point that there aren't enough role models in the music industry:
  5. For some however, a pop culture icon's sexual orientation isn't the biggest issue:
  6. After highlighting some of the challenges faced by LGBT students, our moderator took over, shifting gears into the policy and strategy aspects of providing support for LGBT students:
  7. Professional football players can also go a long way in being role models to younger people: