Teachers Celebrate Pi Day

Teachers around the country celebrated #piday2014 in creative ways.


  1. Mrs. C Henry dressed up like a pirate to teach radius, diameter, and terminating/repeating decimals to her 6th grade students.
  2. Corine Wegley's teacher lounge had a plethora of pies.

  3. At Park View School, Marci Heymann's class wrote Pi-kus, math versions of haikus, with 3-1-4 syllabic patterns.

  4. Wapakoneta High School students created Pi Day posters.

  5. Students at Wapak Middle School tried to locate their birthday dates in a printout of pi.

  6. Some students memorized and recited the countless digits of pi.
  7. Ellen D’Amore holds up a math worksheet, with pies in the background.

  8. Megan Hall and students are surrounded by several pies.
  9. Some pizza places, like Pizza Hut, hopped on the celebration wagon, offering free slices and gift cards. The chain was offering gift cards to people who used #PizzaHutPiDay on Twitter.
  10. Sbarro announced on its Facebook page that it will give a free slice of pizza to 50 random winners if they can answer which famous scientist shares a birthday with Pi Day. Winners will be announced on Saturday at 10 a.m.
  11. Davis Drive Middle School celebrated the day with a multitude of triangular-sliced treats.