Romney Unveils His Education Agenda

On May 23, 2012, Gov. Mitt Romney unveiled his education agenda at the Latino Coalition's Annual Economic Summit in Washington. Browse our collection of news, information, and reaction around Gov. Romney's education plan and stay tuned, Education Week will continue covering this in depth.


  1. Above: Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney addresses the Latino Coalition's 2012 Small Business Summit on Wednesday in Washington. (Mary Altaffer/AP)
  2. Romney's Agenda
    For an overview of Gov. Romney's education plan, read this blog post by EdWeek reporter Alyson Klein.
  3. Watch Gov. Romney's address:
  4. Access Gov. Romney's entire education agenda here:
  5. The day before Gov. Romney's speech at the Latino Coalition summit, the Romney campaign released its list of education advisers and Education Week gave its readers an exclusive preview of that speech.
  6. Following the speech, President Barack Obama's campaign responded to Romney.
  7. The Highlights
    EdWeek reporters Nirvi Shah, Stephen Sawchuk, Jason Tomassini, and Sean Cavanagh took a closer look at Romney's speech. The posts below further analyze his claims about Obama's education record and his criticisms of teachers' unions. They also provide more details about his education plan and how it's being received.
  8. More on Romney's Positions
    How do the presumptive GOP nominee and President Obama differ on school choice and other policies? EdWeek's Sean Cavanagh and Alyson Klein delve into that question.
  9. School choice wasn't the only issue addressed by Romney this week. The Philadelphia Inquirer covered Romney's visit to a Philadelphia charter school on Thursday, where he discussed class size, among other things.