1. @jayrosen_nyu @macloo @derekwillis I like the idea. A lot. But these classes could/should be taught in Journ. Has nothing to do w CS major.
  2. @CindyRoyal not so sure; at some point, CS schools just much better equipped to teach programming. /cc @jayrosen_nyu @macloo @derekwillis
  3. @jonathanstray @jayrosen_nyu @macloo @derekwillis programming isn't exactly what they teach in CS. If this is journ, then we need to teach
  4. @CindyRoyal I hear you, but reinventing the wheel sounds painful. MOST disciplines need programming now. @jayrosen_nyu @macloo @derekwillis
  5. @jonathanstray I suggest CS schools not well equipped to teach programming to most J-students. @CindyRoyal @jayrosen_nyu @derekwillis
  6. @macloo @CindyRoyal @jayrosen_nyu @derekwillis not that j-schools don't need to teach code, but... make the CS school do its job.