What is this Red Bull Flugtag thing?

The wackiness that is the Red Bull Flugtag is back Saturday at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. There has been a lot written about it, but there is nothing like video to capture the nuttiness that will ensue.

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  1. The hard falls into the water below make for quite the entertaining afternoon, but some of those crashes look a tad more painful than others. Here's a sampling:
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  4. Flugtag Crashes 2008: Vienna
  5. Top 5 Crashes - Red Bull Flugtag Greece
  6. But not every crash will draw gasps from the crowd as plenty of laughter will abound.
  7. Top 10 Bloopers - Red Bull Flugtag 2013 USA
  8. Some leaps into the air don't result in an immediate crash. More than 90,000 people witnessed team Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies soar into record books when they flew 207 feet at Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities in 2010. This historic flight smashed the previous world record of 195 feet, which had held strong for more than 10 years, according to Red Bull. 

  9. World record flight at Red Bull Flugtag Minneapolis St Paul 2010
  10. Red Bull Flugtag world record
  11. So now that you have a better idea of what to expect, here's a history lesson. According to redbullflugtagusa.com, the first Red Bull Flugtag was in 1992 in Vienna, Austria. The competition came to the United States in 2002 in the Embarcadero Pier in San Francisco. The victors were members of the team called El Torro Guapo, who provided quite the the show before their leap and then came back to defend their title in 2003. 
  12. Flugtag San Francisco Champions 2002 El Toro Guapo
  13. Flugtag 2003 San Francisco Champions, El Toro Guapo
  14. There have been 100 Red Bull Flugtag events in dozens of countries that have drawn millions of fans. Here's a brief recap of that history.
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  16. This year will be the first time since 2010 that the event will be in Long Beach. Thirty-six entries ranging from a flying paper mâché head of actor Chuck Norris to a larger-than-life Big Gulp took part in what is considered one of the largest one-day events in the city's history.
  17. Red Bull Flugtag - Long Beach 2010
  18. Red Bull Flugtag 2010 - Long Beach - Flight Highlight Reel
  19. The Best Flights & Crashes of Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach 2010
  20. So you're interested, right? Here's what you need to know about this Saturday's event in Long Beach.
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