Cheap! Delicious! Food at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Wow - Fringe folk love their food! We asked where was good for cheap eats at the Fringe and we got a cracking response! Lots of recommendations here for all, including some gluten-free and dairy-free. Hooray for Edinburgh food! (Recommendations those of the indivuals)


  1. Was over for fringe last year, Frankensteins bar did amazing food!
  2. Well Hung and Tender - Gilded Balloon courtyard.
  3. ‎Frodo McDaniel It's not there any more! It's moving to assembly!! :( And I have 3 words: rotato. Rotato. Rotato.
  4. It's OK Jen I'll just make do with the Bratwurst Van!
  5. Holyrood 9A for a great range of drinks and food. At decent prices too.
  6. go to Oink on Victoria street, best hog roast there is!!!
  7. Gluten free pizza at Mamas Americana Pizza, Grassmarket
  8. Mother India on infirmary street for curry tapas style
  9. Greenside venues cafe 'Greenside Grub' homemade lovely delicious food and cake ;)
  10. Tapas at Alba Flamenca El Bar on Howden Street
  11. Love the veggie haggis at The Last Drop on Grassmarket!
  12. There's a cafe round/on the corner by C venues that does THE best and cheap breakfast that will keep you going all day.
  13. Nargile, George Street. The Dome and The Indian Cavalry Club.