Steven Universe: Best little animated TV you aren't watching

I am rarely surprised by television. Even less surprised by animated series created by American companies. Imagine my surprise when I watched an episode of Steven Universe and found myself unable to look away... #stevenuniverse #animation #cartoonnetwork


  1. Given the loss of shows such as Young Justice and Green Lantern, (my two personal favorites that were on Cartoon Network) their replacements by shows like Uncle Grandpa, The Regular Show, The Adventures of Gumball (which I happen to enjoy and think is VERY funny) and Clarence left me enraged and a little sad.

    Yes, the occasional ugly animated feature such as Adventure Time can spawn a faithful audience (of which I am only a sometimes viewer) but mostly when the superheroes went away, I was content to leave Cartoon Network to shows like The Legends of Chima and Ninjago which make it perfectly clear, Cartoon Network is in it for the toy and commercial merchandising (its about the toys not the shows).

    According to many of my friends closer to the television industry and the industry rags themselves, only shows which can promote the sales of toys, lunchboxes and other merchandising have a chance at longterm survival.
  2. Steven Universe - A moment with Garnet (Clip) Future Vision
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  5. There is so much to be said about this show. It pretends to be a program for children but there are many adult ideas and themes scattered everywhere.

    The quantum mechanics of Garnet's "future vision", the existentialism of time traveling Steven and his need to "die" to understand what was important, Pearl's anger and frustration at being limited to Earth since the Gems ability to travel galaxy-wide has been cut off, the tension between Pearl and Amethyst who are emotionally diametrically-opposed, the Deva-fusions, the mystery of Lion and what he represents, the wonders are endless.

    Give the show a chance. Yes, there is a bit of singing in every other episode but it is usually brief and remarkably good, so it is an idiosyncracy I can live with (and occasionally the tunes are catchy..."A Giant Woman" stuck with me for days...)

    I give this show five stars!