The Hill is Voting

Capitol Hill is a place synonymous with politics, so naturally residents lined up to vote this morning. See and hear from those tweeting at their poll station. Did you have complaints, praise or stories to share? Email us at


  1. What the heck is an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner? And who's my ANC member?

    In advance of this year's election, The Hill is Home released a special feature on local community races. The goal: to make you a powerful and informed voter!

  2. Also, be sure to read-up on your charter amendments.
  3. Early in the morning, on Election day, we found one voter having issues with an identification mix-up. We connected the voter with the Board of Elections, ANC Commissioner David Garber and Charles Allen, the chief of staff to Councilmember Tommy Wells, who stepped in to assist.
  4. Voters complained that poll stations did not have an adequate number of e-voting machines. At certain locations, the paper ballot line moved faster than the e-voting line.
  5. Apparently, Capitol Hill is also filled with residents ending in last names P-Z. If you were one of those people, you may have waited a bit extra on Tuesday morning.
  6. Despite long lines and cold temperatures, many outlasted the wait to vote this morning. Polls in Washington, D.C. remain open until 8 p.m. Tuesday.