Supporting the New Urban Agenda with Placemaking at Habitat 3

Project for Public Spaces' Participation in Quito


  1. Project for Public Spaces joined 35,000 delegates from around the world in Quito, Ecuador for Habitat III, a conference that only happens every 20 years where global leaders finalized an agreement on the future development of cities called the “New Urban Agenda.”
  2. PPS has spent the previous 6 years collaborating with UN Habitat on projects, publications, trainings and many global conferences to make public spaces, public markets, and placemaking a fundamental part of the New Urban Agenda—all topics which had been underrepresented in the global development dialogue until introduced in the 2011 resolution on Public Spaces and the subsequent launch of UN-Habitat’s global public space program. The final draft of the New Urban Agenda mentions "public spaces" ten times!
  3. But now, as the conversation turns toward the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, placemaking is being seen as an indispensable tool to bring together many causes, disciplines necessary to making our cities safer (especially for women and girls), more sustainable, more resilient, and more just.
  4. To support placemaking as a means to implement the New Urban Agenda, PPS led, and participated in, many events during Habitat III, and at our Future of Places exhibition booth. Below are some of the placemaking highlights of the week as shared on Twitter. We also toured some of the placemaking projects that came out of our Quito placemaking training last year.