Fashion Tips for Draping an Al-Amirah Hijab


  1. Much has been talked about Hijabs that are worn by Muslim women, but not many of us know about the various kinds of Hijabs available for the ladies. One of the most popular headscarves available for the Muslim women is an Al-Amirah hijab. This hijab is available in 1-piece and 2-piece. In Arabic, the word “Amira” means princess. Quiet true to its name, the hijab gives a royal look when worn by a Muslim lady. This hijab is extremely easy to wear and is loved by all Muslim women. Let us know more more this hijab.

    Types of Al-Amirah hijab

    1-Piece Amirah: These hijabs are extremely easy to wear as they just need to be slipped on. Due to this quality, they are also popular by the name of slip on hijabs. It is almost similar to a 2-piece hijab; the only difference being that the section of the forehead is sewn along with the outer piece, also known as buknuk. Since it is easy to wear and carry, this hijab can be worn on a daily basis. Moreover, this is one of the best choices for a young girl going to school or for work or even for a exercise. These hijabs stay in place and do not trouble the wearer.

    2-Piece Amirah: As the name suggests, this hijab consists of two pieces; one of which is an under scarf and the other is the outer piece called a buknuk. The outer piece covers the neck and the under scarf can be attached to the buknuk using a hijab pin. Women can experiment with their look by choosing the under scarf and the buknuk of contrasting colors.

    Tips to wear Al-Amirah

    -If you do not want to much of a hassle, choose the one piece hijab as it is easy to slip on. This
    will keep your mind free as you will not have to worry about fastening your hijab pins from time to time.

    -While choosing a Al-Amirah hijab, always choose a hijab created from high quality material. This will ensure that the hijab stays in place and falls perfectly when draped.

    -To cover your head in a much better manner, drape your amirah under sheer shaylas. This layering gives a fantastic look and covers your head completely.

    -To make a stylish statement, you can add hijab accessories or headbands to your Hijab.