@BenGrubb arrest at #AusCERT, and the @QPSMedia Twitter timeline

Journalist writes article about Facebook security flaws, as demonstrated at online security conference by IT security expert. Journalist gets arrested by police, his notes/files (iPad) seized.


  1. In grabbing the SMH story URL for embed, Storify included this text as the first par:

    "Above is one of the photos obtained by security expert Christian Heinrich from another security expert's wife's privacy-protected Facebook profile."

    That text and the referenced picture no longer appear in the SMH article. Infer.

  2. at 8min 20sec
    Qs: Would you acknowledge this perhaps isn't your PR best moment, and some missteps were made along the way?

    Det Supt Brian Hay:
    "No, i'd say there was a breakdown in communication of the timeliness of the twitter feed. 
    But the process was, where you've got a Media unit that's probably four steps removed from the live activity, and as the information feeds up there are time lags."