Nivea's Centennial - The Crash and Burn

Nivea's Centennial was rocking in global momentum. The Rihanna buzz (campaign spokesperson) couldn't be hotter, more grassroots, or more global. Then came this ad and the crash and burn is following with just as much heat.


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  2. One day a Centennial Celebration...

  3. Beiersdorf's announcement of the Nivea centennial included plans to repurpose and rebrand Nivea. So it's no wonder of the manufacturer's ventures into building a male skincare presence. They're also prime on localization. Add social media and you've got a perfect storm. 
  4. The Next - Crash and Burn

  5. Bloggers vetted the ad; vented their anger
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  8. The buzz began...
  9. Mainstream media jumped in...
  10. Brand Crisis Management Alert
  11. Meanwhile, the Nivea for Men website (US) is stoic, posting no mention of the controversy.