In the field but at home

This is the assignment for #partnews in which I tried to capture an event that happened abroad from the echo of the event in the news and in social media. The curation also makes use of Mechanical Turk for gathering information.


  1. The goal of this curation is to find as many different facts and other pieces of information about the event in which 7 children died when the boat they were using to get to work sunk, in Rajeshthan, India.
     It was a watery grave for six minor girls engaged in a brick unit. The bread earners for their families drowned as their boat capsized in a pond in Dungarpur district.  
  2. The first encounter of the news on Twitter:
  3. concerns about children rights in the region:
  4. more details come from Jaipur Daily News:
  5. The highlight of the story:
  6. "The boat was overloaded as it was carrying 18 labourers who were on their way to a brick manufacturing unit for work. Most of them were child labourers," a police officer said.
  7. More details come from Time of India. They present more details about who was on the boat:
  8. "Some of the victims managed to fight the fear and swam back to safety," said Niranjan Lal a native of Chitroli village in Dungarpur district. The deceased included labourers between 14 to 18 years of age and have been identified as Susheela (14), Anita (13), Alka (13), Kapila (16), Suneeta (14), Tinki (17) and Kalpesh (18), police said.
  9. "He was aware that 18 people on board could lead to some tragedy but took the risk. His negligence caused the accident. We have booked him under Section 304 of IPC (death due to negligence) and have arrested him,"
  10. The girls worked for a brick kiln:
  11. An article in Hindi seems to provide comments about compensation that would be provided to the families of the victims.Google Translation:
    "District Collector Poonam Dukhantika boat at the time of Baba Mukyamntri relief to the families of victims of the twenty - twenty thousand rupees, the amount of funding approved.District Collector in the casualty to provide relief to the families of seven dead on the spot assistance approved. ", "The number of children in the boat was not clear until the afternoon at the scene and continued search operations in the vicinity. ", " Police arrived on the scene about an hour of the event.Sagvadha half at 10 sub-officers arrived at the scene. "
  12. Another article in Hindi provides a lot of information detailing how the events took place. Some Google translate snippets: "The legislators also arrived at the scene. He assured all possible help to give solace to the victims families", "administration reached late", 
  13. Some articles are accompanied by potential photos from the scene. To get an impression of the boat the victims might have been on.