To Cloud or Not to Cloud...

There has been a trend with cloud computing in K-12 schools during the last few years. Although cloud computing can offer great academic and financial benefits, there are some areas of concern such as security that school districts need to keep in mind before committing 100% in the cloud.


  1. Cloud Computing in Education
  2. This video goes through the use of cloud provides in education.  It addresses the safety and security issues that exist with cloud computing.  The video also discusses steps that a school district should go through prior to selecting a cloud provider.
  3. This blog posts includes a summary of the Fordham study that is listed in the link below this one.  If you are not interested in reading the entire study, this post provides a great overview of the study's findings.
  4. This site has the full report and links to a few media stories that discuss the findings.  One of the media stories is the Huffington Post article below.
  5. Great tweet about the Fordham study results.  The link has an overview of the study's findings as well.
  6. This tweet will take you to an Education Week article that discusses K-12 trends for 2014 including cloud computing.
  7. Cisco blog posts about how cloud computing can help with the implementation of the Common Core.  There is a webcast on Wednesday, February 5th on the benefits of cloud computing and Common Core.
  8. Jen Roberts' Classroom in the Cloud
  9. Jen Roberts is a Language Arts teacher who uses cloud computing.  She has great examples of how she uses cloud computing in her classroom.