Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems provide educators and businesses the opportunity to organize and support online education. There are many different LMSs available on the market. Research and investigation is needed to determine which LMS best fits the needs of the user.


  1. A great summary of Learning Management Systems and how they are becoming popular with schools for online learning.
  2. A detailed white paper on choosing the best LMS.  The paper discusses multiple areas to look at when deciding the best LMS.  It also addresses the new trends in LMSs.
  3. This link is focused on LMSs for schools.  It is only one page, but it does addresses key points that decision makers should address when deciding on what LMS they should use for their school.
  4. A fantastic Storify by an educator who is studying Instructional Technology and Digital Media Literacy.
  5. Great link to a blog that has a wonderful timeline on how online schooling has changed.
  6. Do's and Don'ts of Selecting the Right LMS for Your Organization
  7. A short 5-6 minute presentation on selecting the best LMS for your organization.  Even though it is presented using the computerized text to speech voice, it has valuable information.