Differentiating Instruction - Technology Focused

Differentiating instruction is essential in every classroom. Through the years technology has played a role with differentiation. The following tweets, articles, and videos demonstrate strategies that use technology to allow every student to learn.


  1. Technology opens a new world of differentiation for teachers.  If available, technology can be used in a variety of ways to introduce new topics, engage students, and provide reinforcement with areas that students might need more review or practice.
  2. This article provides instructional strategies that teachers can use to differentiate their instruction while using technology.  Table 1.2 in the document outlines the strategies and tech tools that can be used to support the strategies.
  3. Using educational and interactive games can be a form of differentiation when applied correctly in classroom settings.  These games might encourage and motivate students to complete the work and increase their knowledge in a certain content area.
  4. Differentiated Instruction Ignites Elementary School Learning
  5. Interactive software programs and other pieces of technology provide differentiation at this elementary school.
  6. This quote reminded me how you can integrate reflection and self-directed learning through technology with the use of blogs, websites and other interactive tools.
  7. How Differentiated Instruction and Formative Assessment Work at Forest Lake Elementary
  8. The school featured in this video uses technology to differentiate their instruction and assessment delivery method.
  9. This article lists technology resources to use when differentiating for both verbal-linguistic content and logical-mathematical content material.
  10. Great quote to end this Storify.  It is very true that all students learn differently.  It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that differentiation occurs to allow for all students in the class to learn.