Deeper Learning and Magnet Schools

Deeper learning will prepare our students for their futures. As a teacher at a magnet school in New Haven, CT, I wonder if magnet schools could be the answers on how to ensure students receive deeper learning throughout their K-12 education. This Storify is a closer look at D.L. and magnet schools.


  1. What is deeper learning? 2
  2. Arts Integration for Deeper Learning in Middle School
  3. This excerpt is from the website:  There is variety of resources available that highlight lessons from various themed schools.
  4. What Does Deeper Learning Look Like?
  5. Deeper Learning at Impact Academy
  6. Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet
  7. I had to include my school district's magnet school website.  In my opinion, we are helping our students with deeper learning through the opportunities that we provide to them in our schools.