Creative Teachers Engage Their Students

Haven't you always wanted to teach one of those lessons that students remember for the rest of their lives? The following links and videos provide examples of very creative teachers. Not only are they amazing teachers, they are amazing individuals as well!

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  1. Truly Amazing Teacher
  2. A truly inspirational person and teacher.  He brings his classroom to life with his personality, but more importantly he shares his life experience to teach kids the importance of love.
  3. Amazing method of teaching - very creative teacher
  4. Although some preparation might have been needed for this lesson, it is one that the students will never forget.
  5. Mr.Testa....the best US History teacher....EVER!
  6. What better way to get your students' attention then to create a history rap!
  7. Why would a teacher ever lay on a bed a nails and then let his students stand on top of him?  His response, "Because they will never forget the lesson."  An engaging and memorable example of a great teacher!
  8. Mr. Brooks=BEST TEACHER EVER. :D
  9. Mr. Brooks brings his history lesson to life with an entertaining song lesson.
  10. Got Derivatives?: Best Math Teacher Ever
  11. Math song about derivatives written and song by the math teacher.
  12. Best Teacher Ever EPIC class entrance as John Cena
  13. This teacher takes his love for WWE to the next level with his entrance for his class.