Assessing Deeper Learning with Reflection and Badges

How can teachers determine if students are taking part in deeper learning? Assessing deeper learning can occur in a variety of ways. The following articles, links, tweets, and videos discuss the use of reflection and digital badges as forms of assessing deeper learning.


  1. Know, Do, Reflect - The three verbs that Envision Schools use to ensure their students have successfully demonstrate deeper learning through with their portfolios.  
  2. The article provides an excellent example of a lesson of deeper learning and assessment used by the Denver Green Public School.  Students are asked not to simply look at a historical situation, but to reflect on the decisions that were made and determine if they would have made or recommend other courses of action.  
  3. Badges for Lifelong Learning: An Open Conversation
  4. The video above discusses a variety of ways badges can be used in education.  An important point that was made in the video was that badges allow students to receive immediate feedback from an assessment.
  5. Jennifer Aherndodson posted a tweet with a link to a great article from Education Week that discusses Rhode Island high school students earning badges through an expanded learning program.
  6. The U.S. News article discusses the impact that digital badges could have on college admissions.  It brings up a great point that badges could be used to demonstrate a student's strengths that are not easily identified through standardized test scores or grades.
  7. Matthew Muench posted a tweet that aligns with the focus of this Storify about whether badges could be used to assess deeper learning.  To answer his question, yes I think badges can be used to bring people to competency-based education!
  8. Cindy Pitkin provides a link to an article by Edudemic about the teacher's guide to badges.  The article gives a wonderful overview of badges in classrooms and how to best implement them for students.
  9. The HASTAC site provides an overview of digital badges.  Near the bottom of the page there is a section titled Badge Projects: Lessons Learned.  This portion of the site provides links to a variety of digital badge projects and the lesson the creators learned when designing the projects.  It is a great resource for anyone interested in creating their own digital badge.