Seeing a No as a Yes

Believe it or not, receiving a no can be a very - very - very good thing. No is often seen as a disappointment. Yet the receiving of no can be a wonderfully great -- life-saving result. How can that be [you ask]? This is why...


  1. How Many Times?

    How many times have you been attracted -- romantically -- to another person, received a NO, then looked back later to thank your lucky stars for that No!

    How many times did you want to have that donut, piece of chicken, or an extra helping of _____? Only later to learn that the food product was contaminated.
    How many times did you want that job..later to learn that that work environment was toxic [on many levels]?

    Thank You for No!
    Practicing the art of letting go, we come to a point in life where we must admit our shortsigtedness. Perhaps the fact that no wo/man knows of what tomorrow will bring. Shall we live or shall we die? Will I lose my job? Is today the day that one of my loved ones will die or experience tragedy?

    In deep and infinite love -- gratitude that I receive a NO when I ask the question of what tomorrow may bring. Thankfully, the answer to the question of my life longevity is a resounding "No...the answer will not be revealed at this time."
  2. 45/365:2010 How to say no to a child?
    45/365:2010 How to say no to a child?