eCom's Annual Conference 2016

eCom’s Annual Conference is an event hosted by eCom for our current customers and collaborators. The products were available to demo and discuss with the team, along with presenters reviewing L&D topics. This year's conference was held at the Merchant's Hall (Edinburgh) on the 15th March 2016.


  1. Theme of the year: Learning ecosystems which allow companies to thrive

    The eCom’s Annual Conference was an event to find out how organisations are responding to changing business priorities by applying the ecosystem approach. It was an occasion to demonstrate our new products such as eNetAuthor (collaborative responsive authoring) and eNetSecureUSB (offline secure eAssessment solution).

    Susan Gearing, eCom Scotland – Explaining how to create a learning ecosystem using a modular approach to development

    Fiona Harper, Scottish Joint Industry Board – Sharing her learnings from implementing mobile and observational assessment for electrical apprentices

    Colin Morrison, The Chartered Banker Institute – Discussing developments in secure assessment in response to changing industry requirements

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  3. Susan Gearing, eCom Scotland

    "Beyond the Dodo - The learning ecosystem approach that allows companies to thrive."