CSCY x Focus Sheffield presents Comic strips &Virtual Models by Chris Bailey


  1. This presentation drew upon the methodological approach taken during a year-long ethnographic study of a children after-school club, on the on the on the creation of a virtual community in the video game Minecraft. A range of visual and audio data were collected from this on and off-screen site, in the form of field notes, video, photographs, screenshots and . using exam. using exam using examples drawn from these data sources. Chris Bailey outlined how he had used two approaches at different stages of the research.
  2. Description of how small group discussion sessions were conducted using the game, with participants building virtual models in a curated virtual spaces as a means of representing their ideas visually as well as verbally.
  3. Chris asked the important question.....
  4. As an alternative to a more traditional text-based transcription techniques, comic strips were used as a means of representing data, allowing for the combination of multiple data sources whilst also making visible the multiple sites and modes of meaning present within the complex hybrid site.
  5. Further reading was suggested....