Week 2 of #NAHSCommUNITY

Check out the tweets, images, and inspiration from the second week of school at New Albany High School! Highlights include a two-day scavenger hunt led by student House leaders to help the Class of 2019 learn about NAHS! It's all about creating #CommUNITY.


  1. Math teacher Sarah Shon is one of many teachers who appreciate our new schedule, which includes 3 days of Office Hours specifically to meet the needs of students. The other two days are for staff or department meetings because if we are not learning together then we are not growing together. Learning is a social activity and our schedule supports this notion!
  2. Spanish teacher Hannah Macko created a relevant lesson using the popular app, Snapchat, as inspiration!
  3. Members of our Staffulty, like Assistant Principal Steve Gehlert, Intervention Specialist Debbie Martin-Barron, English teacher Ann Trotter, and Math teacher Clayton Rainsberg share articles to help us continue to improve our craft as educators. Being a part of a #CommUNITY means we help each other get better because the better we are, but more successful our students will be!
  4. You can tell a lot about the culture of a school by how the adults approach Mondays and Fridays. It's common to TGIF, but why not #CelebrateMondays? Let's begin each week with sharing something to celebrate on Mondays!
  5. Our students had a great time during the House Scavenger Hunt and Freshmen Connect!