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Community Outreach Portfolio

The community outreach team is a group of individuals working to bridge the gap between journalists and readers at the Columbia Missourian. Our goal is to immerse, engage and connect our readers with our content. Here are some of the ways I did this while working on the team.


  1. We engage with our audience by managing the Missourian’s social media accounts and going out into the community to record other perspectives. We also reach out and encourage people to share personal stories about their experiences and perspectives on events we may not have covered extensively. As the team continues to experiment to find the best ways to reach and engage readers, we use analytics reports to determine what works and what doesn’t. The team also experiments with different types of social media, such as Snapchat, RebelMouse, Twitter and Facebook. Below are examples of work I did on the team that I am most proud of.
  2. Here are a few Twitter and Facebook posts I wrote for the Columbia Missourian:
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  5. I also worked on an individual project with the goal of providing journalism teaching tools to the community. After initial research and getting insight from others, I decided to make guides focusing on writing and taking photos.
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  7. The first guide I created was a Storify that collected writing tips and resources. The goal was that readers will read this guide to become more comfortable with their writing and be encouraged to submit From Readers articles of their own.
  8. The second guide was a video series that shared tips for taking photos on a mobile phone. I interviewed the Missourian's assistant director of photography and we dissected some photos taken on a mobile phone to encourage readers to submit photos to the Missourian.
  9. A big part of the team involves getting out in the community, making connections and recording different perspectives.
  10. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I went throughout downtown Columbia asking people what they learned from their first love. It was really amazing to hear how people answered the question. This was a unique question that readers could ask themselves and see what others were saying. I used a combination of photo, audio and text to tell the story.
  11. For this video, I headed to the Columbia Mall with a fellow reporter to ask people some Valentine’s Day trivia questions. We offered up candy for their participation and asked to record their responses. We created a fun interactive piece for our readers to not only enjoy, but also ended up strengthening relationships with the community and driving traffic to the website.
  12. A great tool we use to showcase community voices is the whiteboard. Here are a couple of tweets I posted of people sharing one-word movie reviews at a local film fest.