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Sciengage fills the gap between science and you. Science; interesting, understandable, simple & discoverable. By YOU! Img: Luke Jerram

Shawn Boike

Aerospace & American Industry Specialist Design and Mfg for: 16 Aircraft, 2 Rocket Ships, 1 amph & 9 Land Vehicles Platforms. US Senate & WH Adviser for CA.

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Religion News Service (@RNS) nat. correspondent & blogger (Faith & Reason). I look where values & visions make news. Pie baker, beginning birder, ballet fan

Jason Evan Mihalko

Irreverent Psychologist and dog seeking serious change in the world.

Ashley Anderson

Assistant Professor at Colorado State University. Former Postdoc in the Center for Climate Change Communication.

Lori Rodriguez

Serving up design, technology, and the human condition with a side of humor. VP EXP @Gartner_inc. All views are my own.

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology & genomics researcher, open science advocate, recovering Harvard/Stanford alum, prankster, cyclist, & professor at UC Davis


The official Storify account of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's College of Engineering.

Dain Binder

Technology blogger writing about websites, products, applications, extensions, mergers, tools, tips, and hardware with some current events and news.

Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey: Tweeting about our survey, scientific results, and the high redshift universe

Eric Michael Johnson

Scholar, science writer, simian. Creator of The Primate Diaries (@primatediaries) at Scientific American.

Max Boykoff

climate adaptation, cultural politics, political economy & environmental governance, science-policy analysis & other stuff

Jason Chupick

VP, Public Relations @harpers magazine. Founding editor of @PRNewser, cyclist, semi-amateur cook & mixologist


Vermont headlines & breaking news from the Burlington Free Press.