Is It OK To Give Fluoride to the Toddlers


  1. Many parents wonder if the use of fluoride toothpaste is good for their toddlers. For years, it has been a general recommendation by American Dental Association for the parents to wait for the child to get two years old before giving him/her fluoride. In 2014, this recommendation has been changed. Now, ADA recommends the parents to start giving ‘smear’ of fluoride to their children as soon as they start growing their teeth. The reason why ADA changed this general recommendation is surely worth discussing here.
  2. What is fluoride?

  3. You should know that fluoride is actually the way to prevent and even reverse the early tooth decay. It means that it can make the teeth stronger and increase their resistance against the acid attack.
  4. People belonging to many areas in US get fluoride rich water from their taps, but this water doesn’t get fully qualified to be considered safe for drinking because it contains some other materials which can be a threat to the overall health. Hence, a lot of people have started opting for the bottled water to drink rather than going for the tap water. It means that use fluoride rich product is becoming a necessity for everyone.
  5. New study on fluoride

  6. In 2014, American Dental Association carried out a study which led them to issue general recommendation regarding providing fluoride to the children as soon as they start growing their teeth.
  7. The research included study on the teeth of preschool children. ADA found out that many of those children start getting cavities. In some cases, the problem would get so severe that children would need to be put under the influence of anesthesia in order to fill half of their teeth.
  8. It’s a hope that parents following this recommendation would be able to avoid cavities in the teeth of their children. However, the ADA also suggested that children should be advised to spit out the fluoride within a couple of minutes. This requirement is there to avoid fluorosis. Although this is the fact that getting all of this done is not that easier, parents need to do it in order to protect their kids’ dental health.
  9. Here, it would be worth mentioning the drawback of too much fluoride exposure. A study suggests that too much fluoride exposure can put the children at the risk of developing ADHD and other neurological disorders. Therefore, it should be ensured that children do not ingest the fluoride toothpaste they are being given.
  10. Consider what’s best for your child

  11. This is the fact that baby teeth are not to be there forever. But those are the teeth that children would use for ingestion of the food they would take. And those cavities are always hurting. So, you cannot just ignore the development of cavities in the teeth of your children just because they are going to get their adult teeth after some years.

    Having that said, taking your child to the dentist for detailed checkup and further guidance is the best thing you can do.
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