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    4bd2d66645 Press Ctrl+D and then press Enter to turn OS verification OFF and enable developer mode.
    VIEW ALL PHOTOS IN GALLERY The fact that the Google CR-48 Notebook runs on an Intel processor implies that it can run Windows or some other full blown operating system. Chrome Remote Desktop isnt the only option there are ways to access remote RDP and VNC servers from Chrome OS, too. You can get by with just a USB keyboard or USB mousebut youll need at least one of them to interact withthe Windows installer.
    If you havent yet, now is the time to plug in your USB with Windows 8 on it.
    The thing is, the USB port isn't recognizing any of my peripherals or a network, so how one would install Windows on this laptop is unclear and most likely a work in progress. Vice versa for Chromebooks. The instructions for entering developer mode will differ foreach chromebook.
    As geeks, we love tinkering with hardware and making it do things it was never designed to do. Confused? We explain, and start you on the process. On some Chromebooks, you may find a write protection switch instead. The replacement BIOS can only be installed on Chromebook models that it supports, so you cant do this on every model of Chromebook. Youll use this USB drive for the Windows installer, and any files on it will be erased. Youll need to enable test signing to install them.
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