Is AT&T's 3G & LTE service down in Houston?

AT&T is experiencing a wireless data and voice outage in Texas, according to a representative from the company via Twitter. You may see bars on your 3G or LTE phone, but not be able to make calls or access data.

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  1. Houston AT&T customer Austin Ware asked me today if I'd seen slow speeds on AT&T's data networks today. 
  2. I've been on Wi-Fi all day so hadn't noticed, though I did experience some connection issues over the weekend on my iPhone. I decided to ask Twitter users what they were seeing.
  3. I aimed a Twitter message at three AT&T accounts - @att @att_houston and @attbusiness - and heard back from @attmejia on the Business Social Media team. Via a series of direct messages, he confirmed that AT&T's voice and data networks are having issues throughout the state. A fix is in progrress.