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Free Grumpy Cat!

The feline at the heart of the Grumpy Cat meme has been brought by Mashable to South by Southwest, where attendees are lining up to take pictures with it. Cats hate strangers, strange places and chaos in general. This amounts to animal abuse. There's now a hashtag: #FreeGrumpyCat.


  1. People, this is NOT COOL.
  2. The owners and the Austin Humane Society insist Grumpy Cat is doing fine with all the attention.
  3. Here's Joanna's story in which the #freegrumpycat reaction is addressed.
  4. On Sunday, BuzzFeed's tech site reported that the Austin chapter of PETA had looked into Grumpy Cat's treatment and had no problem with the situation.
  5. The author of the piece thinks Tardar Sauce is safe.
  6. But on Saturday, many on Twitter were up in arms.