Niners Win Big, Move to No. 1 in Worst-Officiated Game EVER

My San Francisco 49ers opened the regular season with a surprisingly easy 30-22 win at Green Bay in what was one of their toughest games of the season. But horrendous officiating by a scab crew greatly reduced the enjoyability of the game.


  1. As I looked over the 2012 schedule for the San Francisco 49ers during the recent off-season, I checked out opening day and said, "Oh-oh." At Green Bay, easily the best team in the NFL based on last year's results and off-season changes. Niners hadn't beaten them in the last nine outings. Hadn't triumphed at Lambeau Field since 1990. Figure they'll start the year 0-1.
    But the Niners don't read other peoples' assessments (let alone mine) apparently. The consensus underdogs in yesterday's game won a surprisingly easy 30-22 contest over the Packers. Once the Niners got untracked midway through Q1, they never led by less than eight. Sportscasters keep referring to that as a one-score lead but I think that's inaccurate. A one-score lead is 7 points because the PAT is virtually automatic. But, as you can see in the clip here from, the rate of success on two-pointers is 46-50% depending on what you decide to define as an actual attempt. I think that makes eight points a one-and-a-half score lead or, perhaps more usefully, a two-score lead. 
  2. Niners Move to No. 1 in Bleacher Report Power Rankings

  3. In winning this tough road game against the formerly No. 1 Power Ranked Packers, the Niners moved into that top slot in the Bleacher Report's eyes. Until we have about six or eight games under our belts, these rankings are only marginally interesting. Still, I'm betting the Niners' locker room is delighted with this shift.
  4. The game was made less enjoyable for fans of both teams by the worst-officiated NFL game I've seen in my more than 60 years as a fan, sports writer, referee and league official. The first two whistles these clowns blew, they got it wrong. They had by my count no fewer than six major bad calls and three importantly stupid missed calls. It is well past time for the cash-laden NFL to give its great officials what they want and deserve and get these nimrods off the field!
  5. Of course the League minimizes the idiocy of these terrible officials and the impact they're having on the game. But they're just jiving and everyone who watches "their" product closely at all knows it. Paul Tagliabue and his cronies need to pony up the bucks for what is becoming increasingly clear as a real linchpin of the game that is destroying its credibility with every passing contest.

    Meanwhile, though...

    GO NINERS!!!