How You Pass A Hair Drug Test Easily

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  1. Are you looking to pass a hair follicle test? Drug tests are the most dreaded test, especially if they are to be taken by individuals have been on drugs and need to test negative for the drugs. While it is not easy to pass the test, the good news is that it is possible for you to pass the test. Passing a hair follicle drug test is easy, especially if you have an expert to walk you through the entire process. To pass the drug test you don't have to be a rocket scientist. All you need is know the simple yet effective suggestions that have worked for many other people like you. But you need to read this article to the end to know just how you can achieve this. In this article, we list a number of shampoo detox methods that can help you treat and rid your hair of the drugs that could jeopardize your job or deny you that dream trophy or gold medal in your upcoming competition. If you are planning to have a urine test, you can have a fake pee. But can you guarantee that this will work for you? Definitely not.

    What is a hair follicle Drug test?

    The hair follicle drug test was primarily designed to help detect any of the heavy and long-term drug users. However, interestingly, many employees and would-be champions runway with drugs in their blood if they correctly follow the procedures of detoxing their hair before they go for the test. The good news is that most employers are not always looking for LSD such as shrooms or other popular prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Watson AN627 or Oxycodone. Those who are not planning to participate in Olympic championships or professional sport, you don't have to be worried about testing positive for steroids. Perhaps the most tested drug is Marijuana.

    How Does a Hair follicle Drug test work?

    Firstly, it is important to know that a hair follicle is a skin organ known to generate hair. Since your hair requires blood in order to grow, hair follicle test is possible and has become one of the most sought-after methods. When an individual smokes Marijuana, your body is stimulated to produce metabolites that end up on the surface of the hair. As time goes by, your hair accumulates the metabolites. The more you smoke the higher a number of metabolites you accumulate on your hair. Therefore, the period or a number of drugs you take can be discovered by determining a number of metabolites. The metabolites behave the same way the tree rings become more with every passing year.

    How long does Marijuana Stay in your hair?

    Most people still go for urine tests and blood tests when trying to screen employees and sportsmen for drugs because such tests are capable of detecting the most drug use. Here, we mean that the tests can detect the presence of drugs up to a few days back. The unfortunate thing is that while some drugs will come off your blood system over time, traces of other serious drugs will appear a few days after you take the drug. For examples, marijuana will show in your blood up to 5 days from the day you smoked weed. This means that even those who think they are the first time or occasional smokers can still test positive for the drug or can fail the hair follicle test. For this reason, a hair follicle test is known to deliver the most accurate results about drug use during the last 3 months.

    The fact that the rate of hair growth is slow, a hair drug test can reveal with a lot of certainties when an individual began and quit smoking Marijuana. What's more, hair from any part of your body can be used to perform the test. This means that you may not pass the test by simply cutting your hair on your head. Your employer will probably know if you engaged in drugs during last summer. The person trying to detect drugs in your blood will be suspicious if you walk into the test room with a bald head. Clearly, the method of cutting down your hair has a fair share of flaws. If you did this and your employer suspects you for dogging a test, you might be required to go through a mouth swab drug test, blood test or a urine test.

    Here is how you can Pass It

    Wash, rinse and ready yourself to beat the hair follicle test. Experts have found that the metabolites that are stored on your hair are chemically bonded to the surface, hair shaft, or tip of the hair. For this reason, you can simply wash, scrub and bleach out the chemical composition using conventional shampoos and cleaners, however, it is recommended to use only certified hair detoxification shampoos to remove the metabolites of the drugs being emitted from your hair.

    The unfortunate thing is that there are hundreds of products out there that can be used to clean up your hair and no one particular solution will guarantee a perfect way of beating a hair follicle test. Nevertheless, this does not mean you cannot find the right chemical solution to help you. You need to find a reliable and reputable product manufacturer with tested detox shampoos to help you bypass a hair follicle test. For more information about hair follicle drug test, visit