Crack Pot Studios is all it's cracked up to be

If you happen to find yourself in Oakville, Ontario looking for something to do (I know that's probably a regular occurrence for people) you should head on down to Crack Pot Studios for some artistic fun.


  1. This is an ode to Crack Pot Studios, a little store in downtown Oakville, ON that has shelves stocked full with a huge variety of ceramic goods just waiting for you to paint them.

    Your choices range from decorative to functional. Or perhaps they can be both, as shown by this amazing painted tea pot designed at the store.
  2. No words necessary #crackpotstudio #beautiful #perfect #somethingsarejustmeanttobe
    No words necessary #crackpotstudio #beautiful #perfect #somethingsarejustmeanttobe
  3. Once you have decided what you want to paint, snag it from the shelves and grab from their supplies of paints, stencils and more. Make sure to check to samples to see how the paint will look once the piece is complete.
  4. Once your artistry is at an end, hand in your work and leave it for the employees to fire in the kiln, giving it that striking glossy look. In a short while, you'll be called to come in to pick up your item.
  5. If you want to crank it up a notch, you can sign up for one of the store's classes and learn thinks like how to glaze clay, as seen in the video below.
  6. In case you missed this on out fb page #glazing #adultclass #clay

  7. I hope this post has intrigued you and has inspired you to check out Crack Pot or some place like it.
    It's the perfect place for people of all ages to chill out and have a good time.

    I know I for one have my eye on some pieces to paint over Easter in a few weeks.