The Collector: teaching research memory

Curating social media in an academic context


  1. It began with a collection of apps ...
  2. This is a piece of work by one of my Level 5 students, aimed at developing their digital literacy, their independent research skills, and helping them to think about different ways of presenting their work to an audience
  3. This is my LTA teach-meet on using Twitter with my first years.
  4. TeachMeet 14: Jill LeBihan - Turning tweets into stories (classroom view)
  5. Not all our students use tablets -- phones and laptops/desktops are the ideal combo.
  6. Woolf reminds us about time, place, loss and art in To The Lighthouse.
  7. Susan Stewart's classic analysis of collections, souvenirs and the way in which context moves us from the authentic to surface play.
  8. Hutcheon explains how there might be a place for nostalgia in postmodern culture and exposes what happens when the ironic gap opens up.