Recap Part 1: Going Public - Investing in Science Communication for Scientists

We wanted to know how to better get scientists the financial support they need for public engagement. Here is the collection of thoughts from a symposium about funding for #scicomm from the 2015 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


  1. The Intro

  2. A warning. The session on funding #scicomm was 3 hours long. So, this recap is 3 hours long. Ok, I'm kidding (sorta). Somehow Sarah Dewitt, brilliant scientist and master sketchnoter, summarized the whole conversation in two drawings. The first beautiful sketchnote summary is posted here. The second is at the top of Recap Part 2 here:
  3. The backdrop on where the funding for #scicomm session idea came from...
  4. ...and the movers and shakers involved in making the AAAS session happen (with a special shout-out to Susan Singer from NSF who stepped in for Rich Boone).
  5. Thoughts from the Panel: Academia, Government, and Industry

  6. Dietram Scheufele (@scheufele) of UW-Madison and Brooke Smith (@brookesimler) of COMPASS provided the stage setting questions. The questions proved difficult to answer, but if they were easy answers we wouldn't need this conversation.
  7. AAAS 2007 Annual Meeting Plenary Lecture: Larry Page