Does the Public Trust Science?

On May 5-6, 2015 some awesomely smart people came together at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to talk about what "trust in science" really means, and how trust is built, maintained, or restored. Herein resides a day and half of tweets shared duing this workshop.


  1. Some Background

  2. The workshop was convened by the NAS Roundtable on Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences (full disclosure, I'm the project director). The workshop planning committee was chaired by the fantastic Rick Borchelt (@RickBorchelt) of DOE and Molly Jahn of UW-Madison. The other members were Cynthia Beall (pronounced bell) of Case Western Reserve, Tiffany Lohwater (@tiffanylohwater) of AAAS, George Matsumoto (@george_mage) of MBARI, Matt Nisbet (@MCNisbet) of Northeastern, and Ivan Oransky (@ivanoransky) of MedPage (also known as the mastermind behind Retraction Watch).
  3. I'd be remiss not to thank all the people who live tweeted throughout the event. THANK YOU Erika Shugart, Caitlin Schrein, Kirk Englehardt, Avind Suresh, CAISE, Tiffany Lohwater, ILSI, Rick Borchelt, Nalini Padmanabhan, Kate Hughes, Ivan Oransky, Tamar Wilner, George Matsumoto, and Christine Scheller. Without you- no storify, no online conversation, no capability for people near and far who could not attend in person or spend all day watching a webcast to participate. I am grateful to everyone who endured sore fingertips and thumbs for the sake of broadcastingthe workshop ideas and starting conversations online. If I missed anyone's name, please let me know, I will gladly add it to this thank you.
  4. Molly Jahn set the stage

  5. Does the Public Trust Science? Welcome and Opening Remarks - Molly Jahn
  6. Cary Funk: What Surveys Do and Don’t Tell Us about Trust in Science

  7. What Surveys Do & Don't Tell us About Trust in Science - Cary Funk