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Attacked by Dr Andrés Guadamuz, Senior Lecturer Intellectual Property Law, University of Sussex,, @technollama


  1. Dr Janice Duffy, Attacked by Dr Andres Guadamuz, Sussex Uni, Technollama

  2. Backgound

  3. In October 2015 Dr Andres Guadamuz, a lecturer at Sussex University, and author of the blog Technollama wrote a post about my win on liability in a defamation case against Google.
  4. This blog post caused me significant distress because even though I had won and set a global common law precedent against a search engine for liability for defamation the process was horrendous. The Defendant’s own medical expert testified that the trial, at which I represented myself, had a serious impact on my physical and mental health.
  5. Posts written just before the trial and after I won on liability by Tim Cushing and Mike Masnick of, Dr Andres Guadamuz on, and Wendy Cockcroft on her Google blog were designed to use me as a punching bag to impress each other. Of course it worked. I had just spent six years trying to clear my name, had represented myself in a Supreme Court trial against a multi-billion dollar corporation and all the legal muscle it could buy by myself and with no legal experience. After six long years I had cleared my name but I was exhausted, emotionally drained and vulnerable.
  6. After I won on liability Guadamuz vilified and humiliated me on his blog, tweeted it and then derided me when I became upset. Along with Masnick, Cushing and the obscure Techdirt devotee, Wendy Cockcroft, Guadamuz is one of the 'in crowd' of people who belong to a group including Cathy Gellis, Popehat and Marc Randazza who push the soapbox that anyone who challenges the great ‘god of the internet’ (Google) in order to retain their right to freedom from global humiliation and their right to work should be ridiculed because they endanger the very existence of the Internet.
  7. Humiliating a person online is cyberbullying and I pointed this out to Guadamuz.
  8. Guadamuz did not approve of my liability win against Google and wrote a blog post that was not only distressing, but suggested that His Honour got it wrong when he rejected the Defendant's defence of justification.
  9. Guadamuz's assessment was cruel and, moreover, he declined to read the evidence that I offered and refused to amend the post. I think he knew exactly what he was doing! I guess he had academia and the big wide world of twitter and in particular his band of 'free speech Nazis' to impress!
  10. How it Started

  11. My case (Duffy v Google) attracted media attention and naturally alerts popped up in my twitter account. Guadamuz suggested that the European system (the Right to be Forgotten) worked reasonably well.
  12. I agreed:
  13. Guadamuz was aware that Australia does not have that system of limited liability.
  14. But Guadamuz was obviously looking for a way to score some sort of recognition by humiliating and hurting me because his distain for Australian law was evident. I was a perfect target for him, or so he thought!