Sometimes, Cheaper IS Better: MyEDT Driving School

MyEDT Driving School has launched three incentive programs, designed to help students easily achieve their driving test goals. The goal is for students to pass a driving test, and the new program pushes students towards that path.


  1. If you have driving test goals, MyEDT Driving School can help you with them with their special incentive program.

    The goal is for students to pass a driving test, and the new program pushes students towards that path.
    This serves not only to assist students with their goals, but also to separate MyEDT Driving School from other driving schools in Dublin. RSA does a good job offering value - when students book five or more lessons, they can drive on the roads they'll face on their driving tests.

    If students don't drive on the test routes, they might fail the driving test simply due to unfamiliarity.
    The inclusion of the test routes in the 5-lesson package represents a significant change over previous pricing plans offered by the renowned driving school based out of Dublin.

    Students in the past had to choose if they wanted to spend the extra money on the test routes; now that they are free, students can take advantage of this vital offering for no cost. But now it's different - the test routes are absolutely free, assuming the student books 5 or more lessons.

    The change came about when MyEDT Driving School's curriculum designers observed that knowing the test routes was a major factor in determining whether or not their students passed the driving test. People buying driving lessons are often on a budget, so by charging money for the test routes, many students would pass on the opportunity.

    The entire thought process of the student was changed with this incentive. The owners of the driving school want all of their students to pass the test - since they saw the test routes as so valuable, it only made sense to offer them for free.

    MyEDT Driving School is structured around a results-oriented, student-driven educational format, with the singular goal of preparing students to pass the driving test and become drivers for life. The highway is one of the more difficult aspects of driving, which is why the school offers a free lesson for it once a student passes the driving test. MyEDT Driving School isn't just about passing the driving test: it's about preparing students to become the best drivers for life. Lots of driving schools say this, but the school actually backs up its vision with solid programs like the free motorway lesson. Though the school could have not included these free lessons, they did because they feel they make the roads and everyone driving on them safer.

    Last but certainly not least, the third incentive is 12 EDT lessons for just under €300. Again, the budget-priced package is designed to encourage students to get as much knowledge of the roads and practice driving as much possible before becoming fully licensed drivers. More driving lessons means more experienced students and safer roads for everyone. Unlike most education, driving classes help the student stay safe for their entire lives. Every single one of these new programs offered by the school is aimed to get the driver as much experience as possible before being by themselves on the roads.

    The new pricing incentives are in line with the school's mission to graduate fully prepared drivers for the open road so they can pass the driving test with with both skill and safety in mind at all times. The incentives offer students more schooling and better quality education for their money. This is in part what separates MyEDT Driving School apart from the rest.

    Other driving schools try to keep up, but they can't match MyEDT Driving School's prices and expertise.

    Don't just pick any driving school - pick MyEDT Driving School.

    They have experienced instructors, affordable prices, and most importantly, a genuine interest in making the student the best driver possible.