The Instruction to Ger More Twitter Followers


  1. The original purpose of the Twitter is to connect with our friends. It can help us to reconnect with old friends who we barely see. Generally, we use Twitter to hook up with people we have known. We also use Twitter to make new friends. And now, the function of the Twitter has been expanded.
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  2. Twitter for personal use only happens to some people. Nowadays, Twitter is full of brand and advertisement. The function of Twitter is for business now. It is because Twitter will help to build the credibility and also the reputation for real. To know about Twitter as a business tool, we can navigate to this site, Pistachio Consulting and get information about business in Twitter.

  3. The functions of followers
    We might have understood the term of “followers” in Twitter. It is the term to call the friends that follow us on Twitter. In business, the number of the followers is the proof of reputation and credibility. When we have many followers, we get the possibility in having great credibility and reputation. Another function of the number of the Twitter followers in business is to represent the number of the customers. They may not be the regular customers, but they are great potential customers.