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Day 2: 9:00-12:00 Morning Sessions

Chair: Pieter De Leenheer (VU Amsterdam)


  1. Despite an enjoyable evening at Tuesday's dinner that continued for some into the wee hours of Wednesday morning most delegates still made their way to the main hall early for the opening session of Day 2 which began with the announcement  of Athens for the location of EDF 2014. The morning's keynote address came from Statoils' Knut Sebastian Tungland who stressed the need for speed of understanding of data when facing commercial deadlines. There followed a group of presentations on open data discussing legal aspects, the EC open data portal, and it's role in renewalbe energy.  The session's final panel centred around the language technologies needed to interpret the masses of data accumulating.
  2. Some delegates getting into the spirit of the venue

  3. Opening EDF2013, Day 2
    (General Chairs EDF2013)

    Elena Simperl (@esimperl) & Michael Hausenblas (@mhausenblas)

  4. Industry Keynote: Knut Sebastian Tungland @knyt
    Chief Engineer IT at Statoil
    Title of talk: Statoil - we need to understand our data
  5. The power of Open Data

    Florian Bauer @reegle
    Operations & IT Director, REEEP
    Title of Talk: Unleashing climate and energy knowledge with Linked Open Data and consistent terminology 
    Malte Beyer-Katzenberger @BeyerMalte
    Policy Officer at European Commission, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
    Title of Talk: The EC Open Data Portal ( 
    John Sheridan @johnlsheridan
    Head of Legislation Services at The UK National Archives
    Title of Talk: Good Law from Open Data
  6. EDF2013 - Official Photos
    EDF2013 - Official Photos
  7. Language Technology Panel
    Unlocking the Data Treasure Chest

    Gudrun Magnusdottir @GMagnusdottir, CSO and Chairperson ESTeam  

    Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, CEO Cocomore AG 
    Philippe Wacker, Secretary General LT-Innovate 
    Hans Uszkoreit, Scientific Director DFKI GmbH