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Day 2: 16:15-17:30 Second Afternoon Session & Closing

Chair: Nuria De-Lama Sanchez (ATOS)


  1. After such a successful few days the final session of EDF 2013 had a lot to live up to, and it didn't disappoint. Five speakers gave their take on the sessions general theme of 'Open Data', with some of the public open data projects in particular causing much discussion over social media. All that was left then was for the conference chairs to close the forum with thankyous and wishes of good luck for EDF 2014 in Athens before the delegates began to filter out of the old stadium before heading back to their particular corner of Europe filled with fresh ideas on how to tackle the problems and challenges created by big data.
  2. Open Data Session

    Sören Roug
    Title of Talk: Linked Data Case Study Reportnet 
    Sander van der Waal and Christian Villum @sandervdwaal @villum
    Title of Talk: A one-stop shop for Open Government Data: improved with social features and more linked data sets 

  3. A technician making sure the sound is set up properly for the speakers
  4. Bernadette Hyland on behalf of the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group @BernHyland
    Title of Talk:  Delivering on Standards for Government Linked Data - A W3C Working Group Report 
    Michael Lutz
    Joint Research Centre, Scientific / Technical Project Officer
    Title of talk: Data interoperability across sectors and borders - INSPIRE and beyond
  5. Closing of EDF2013
    General Chairs and OC / EDF Team

    Elena Simperl & Michael Hausenblas and
    Marta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit "Data Value Chain" at European Commission, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology