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Day 2: 14:00-15:45: First Afternoon Session

Chair: Marta Nagy-Rothengass (European Commission)


  1. After an extended lunch break that included demos in the Exhibition Space (see the exhibition thread for more details), the meat of the conference resumed in the main hall. Gerhard Kreß appeared to capture the audiences imagination with his keynote on the importance of big data in industrial applications like Siemens wind turbines. He was followed by a series of speakers on research around big and linked data. One tweeter below captured a common image of the forum - the scramble by delegates to charge their laptops/tablets/mobiles.
  2. The EDF 2013 social media team hard at work
  3. Keynote: Gerhard Kreß
    Director Strategic Transformation at Siemens AG
    Title of talk: Siemens: Big Data in industrial applications

  4. Research and Technology Session

    Simon Riggs
    Title of talk: Practical PostgreSQL 

  5. EDF2013 - Official Photos
    EDF2013 - Official Photos
  6. Dave Lewis
    Title of Talk: Linked Data in the Languages Service Industry 
  7. Title of Talk:  Towards Interoperable Visualization Applications Over Linked Data 
    Peter Haase @phaase
    Title of Talk: Scalable End-user Access to Big Data
  8. Fight for charge! #edf_13
    Fight for charge! #edf_13