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Day 1 SIDETRACK Sessions


  1. The sidetrack sessions were a key part of EDF 2013. Taking place at the Canal Cafe adjacent to the main hall in Croke Park the smaller sessions offered a more interactive and informal setting than the large stage in the main hall. As can be seen in some of the pictures below the sessions proved popular with delegates, none more so than the first tutorial entitled 'Introduction to Big Data'. The afternoon sessions on Day 1 featured a discussion on the challenges of data in Earth Sciences as well as a panel on such varying technologies as Linked Data and 'The Anthropology of Big Data'.
  2. Marko Grobelnik, of the Jozef Stefan Institute, gives an introduction to Big Data from 11.30 tomorrow. His tutorial on Big Data at ESWC Summer School 2012 is available to watch now.
  3. 11:30: Tutorial
    Topic: Introduction to Big Data
    Chair/Speaker: Marko Grobelnik @marko_grobelnik
    Session Details

  4. 14:45 Applications: Earth Sciences

    Topic: Big and Open Data Challenges in Earth Sciences
    Chair: Manolis Koubarakis 
    Session Details

    16:45 Technology Session
    Chair: Rasmus Pedersen (CBS)

    Tyler Tate @tylertate
    Title of Talk: Information Wayfinding: The Anthropology of Big Data 
    Josep-L., Larriba-Pey @larri64
    Title of talk: The Linked Data Benchmark Council, benchmarking RDF and Graph technologies Bastiaan Deblieck @BasDeblieck
    Title of Talk: Who remembers EDP?
  5. All through the forum volunteers kept things like the cloakroom running smoothly