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Day 1: 16:15 - 18:00 Second Afternoon Session & Closing

Chair: Deirdre Lee (DERI)


  1. The day's final session packed a lot into less than two hours for ever large crowd at the main hall. Ingo Brenckmann gave  a detailed explanation of SAP HANA demonstrating its impressive speeds of in-memory computing. That was followed by a panel discussing and presenting some of the practical uses of big and open data including the digitisation of RTEs archives and various local projects like a project which allows residents to report potholes on their streets. The final speaker was DERI's Stefan Decker speaking about Big Data in Ireland and the new INSIGHT project but he managed to wrap things up a little early as the delegates headed to the bar for some light refreshment before dinner.
  2. Keynote: Ingo Brenckmann @eurinb
    Senior Development Manager at SAP HANA
    Title of Talk: In-Memory Computing - The need for speed on Big Data
  3. Challenges of the Irish Data Economy Daragh O'Brien @daraghobrien
    Castlebridge Associates, Managing Director
  4. Bríd Dooley @briddooley
    Head of RTÉ Archives, RTÉ Digital
    Title of talk: Cross-archival content discovery in the digital landscape; an RTÉ , Digital Repository Ireland and the DERI Research Institute collaboration.
  5. What we do | RTÉ Archives
  6. Dominic Byrne @Dominic__Byrne
    Fingal County Council, 
    Assistant Head of Information Technology
    Title of Talk: Irish Open Data Reuse Exemplars
  7. Closing Session Day I
    Stefan Decker  @stefanjdecker on Big Data in Ireland
  8. If you enjoyed today's talks, have a look at the ESWC Vimeo channel with has a number of interviews with some of today's speakers such as Bill Thompson, Hjalmar Gislason and Richard Benjamins.

  9. Some delegates from DERI enjoying their dinner.