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Day 1: 14:00- 15:45 First Afternoon Session

Chair: Sandra Collins (DRI)


  1. Following a busy lunch that included a presentation from Stefano Bertolo of the European Commission on their virtual ideas lab - Futurium, delegates settled in the main hall to hear the first Industry Keynote speech of the forum. Telefonica's Richard Benjamins outlined the great opportunities offered by big data but also some of the risks associated that are causing Europe to lag behind in certain areas. This was followed by a fascinated panel discussion that started out as a 'Best Practise Session' before things took a dystopian turn and a discussion emerged about the of world 'Big Data' could create in the future with mentions of 'The Matrix', George Orwells' '1984' and TV show 'Breaking Bad'.
  2. Industry KeynoteRichard Benjamins @vrbenjamins
    Director of Business Intelligence at Telefonica Digital
    Title of talk: Big Data - Big Opportunities - Big Risks?
    And what about Europe?
  3. Best Practise Session

    Bill Thompson @billt
    Head of Partnership BBC Archives
    Title of Talk: Big Data from an Audio Visual Archive perspective Hjalmar Gislason @hjalli
    Founder of
    Title of talk: Emerging DaaS business models: A case study Dan Staniaszek
    Senior Expert, BPIE,
    Title of Talk: Building the European Knowledge Base on Energy Performance of Buildings