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'This is how John works, here are pictures.'


  1. Not unusual at all for me to bicycle the 15 mile or so into Portsmouth, NH on a Saturday morning to hit the always excellent Farmer's Market. Saturday, May 18th was one of those mornings.
  2. The picture above was taken at 43.116648,-70.824445 and I was still feeling good. It corresponds to where the dark blue (pace) line sits on the axis for a while at 35 minutes in the heart rate monitor graph below.
  3. Soon after I started feeling bad. Very bad. "Food poisoning", I thought and rode on. I felt worse and worse until I finally coasted down the last real downhill, got off the bicycle and started walking (1:05 above). I got home and waited to either throw up or, or, something. Round about 4:30P I started to get worried. I googled 'chest pain not heart attack' since it was obviously food poisoning and got 'acid reflux' as a result. Bingo. Then I googled 'chest pain'. Then I got the dogs settled, threw the birds a quail apiece and dialed 911. Emergency room. Blood drawn. 
  4. I, of course, tested positive for the enzyme that indicates you are having a heart attack.
  5. Not supposed to dead-end in the top center.
  6. In go the balloon and the stent.
  7. All better (mostly)!
  8. Pic above is where they went in. the actual incision is about 1/4" wide, below the base of the thumb (radial artery). Viz:
  9. Access point - right wrist below base of thumb (radial artery).
    Access point - right wrist below base of thumb (radial artery). la7Y/