Douglas Kerbs and the Cherry Creek Townhomes


  1. Douglas Kerbs top realestate agent in Denver has been granted the exclusive privilege to offer thehigh status properties in Denver’s private enclave residences along the Cherry CreekTownhomes.
  2. Classified as superior grade townhome complex, the design,development, construction and finishing of the project has involved the preciseand detailed involvement of Douglas Kerbs. He believes it is imperative to establish a good relationship with clients and he became determined in the introduction of innovations into the neighborhood.
  3. Richly imbued with aesthetic forms in an impressive arrangementof supremely designed fixtures, the Cherry Creek Townhomes becomes a uniqueexperience of urban living in a splendid Denver, Colorado environment.
  4. Outside, the view of the Rocky Mountains from a fardistance contrasts with the trees and green environment that are interspersedwith the prominent well designed Cherry Creek properties and other commercialstructures constructed in the area. Themountains provide a backdrop that create vibrant and positive surroundings foran enhanced townhouse living.
  5. Resident-owners canexperience to the full satisfaction the peace and serenity of anenvironmentally-enhanced urban community in Denver.
  6. At the Cherry Creek 122-128Garfield address, as early as the preconstructionphase Douglas Kerbs successfully sold out a number of units and successfullymade representations for the sale of four units wherethe unit prices of the properties ranged from a whopping $900,000 to$1,100,000.
  7. At the Cherry Creek150 S. Madison address, DouglasKerbs provided significant professional advice and information to the developer-owner on the innovative details of design and construction order to attract buyers. As a result, he sold 17 residence units out ofthe 29 available from the pre-construction tothe development phase, where the unit prices ranged from $450,000 to$1,300,000.
  8. At the Cherry Creek 1200 Delawareaddress, the project's promotion and marketing were managed by a different outfit for more than 12 months that yielded with virtually no results. The developer approached Douglas Kerbs for his strategic experience and expertise.
  9. After analyzing that the previous pricing strategy was off the target, Kerbs worked on a different pricing scheme related to a marketing strategy, and later successfully sold 6 units, with unit prices of the properties ranging froma sterling $600,000 to $700,000.
  10. At the Cherry Creek 1421 OneidaStreet, Montclair address, after a marketing operation handled by two groups contracted by management to promote and sell the 15-unit project, Kerbs was requested by the developer to assist in the marketing and selling. He accepted the challenge and successfully sold eleven units where the unit prices ranged from $200,000 to $300,000.
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