Social Media Breakfast Boston (#SMB29): Social for Sales & Business Growth

  1. @pgillin reports that the top rated B&B on Martha's Vineyard was able to cut mktg budget by 60% thanks to those peer reviews. #smb29
  2. Peer reviews as in TripAdvisor, Yelp! etc
  3. RT @fairminder: Engineering firm has engineers writing posts. Smart knowledgeable writing better then pr spin. #SMB29
  4. Best social media successes come after you establish a "trust equation" with customers. @pgillen cites 1 Co w/600% sales increase #smb29
  5. Paul Gillin cites Spiceworks in this talk
  6. Expertise sells by default. Create something readable authored by those that know your product or service. #SMB29
  7. Blogging differentiates you from the masses, no matter what industry you're in. Great content sets you apart. #smb29 (Too true)
  8. Eloqua engaged in a war of generosity: constantly giving away - if ppl like the cooking, they'll think the chefs r grt via @pgillin #smb29
  9. @PGillin great quote from an industry peer: my job is to get our engineers w/prospects + get outta the way #smb29
    @pgillin great quote from an industry peer: my job is to get our engineers w/prospects + get outta the way #smb29 s0dp2
  10. @TheSunQueen: it's not about the hard sell, but sometimes the hard sell works depending on where the buyer is in cycle. #smb29
  11. In social, think about why the public would want to friend a corporate site or page. Why? Why? What's in it for them. #SMB29
  12. Social proof guides people through your sales cycle because they see that they are not alone - @TheSunQueen #smb29
  13. social does level the playing field to push customers to switch. get better content in front of them #SMB29
  14. @IndySmitty Content drives everything on the Internet. Sales won't happen without content. #smb29
  15. @bostonmike: got only one hand raised to the question "who loves Klout?" #smb29
  16. That one person was joking
  17. #smb29 crowd led by @bostonmike getting into why most of us (marketers) don't like Klout: mystery algorithm, lack of topic relevance
  18. RT @awarenessinc: @bostonmike - Social scoring allows you to find and target anyone on the social web at the right time. #SMB29
  19. current marketing automation tools assume previous interaction #SMB29 @bostonmike saying cool stuff really fast
  20. Talking about targeting buyers in social with @bostonmike. Tip toeing down the line between helpful & creepy. Need to be delicate. #smb29
  21. If you want to connect SM to sales, remember how they work & think; quarter to quarter, deal/money driven, etc (@pgillin at #smb29 )
  22. There is a clear call here for a unified strategy and voice across all channels. No more competing silos. #SMB29
  23. "If you sell $10 million products your best social platform is probably the golf course" @pgillin - Awesomeness #smb29
  24. If you think biz engaging based on public sm interaction is creepy you don't want to know the data most co's have on you , #smb29)