Role of Agency in Online Voice?

  1. Why do companies outsource their online voice to agencies?
  2. When I'm talking to the agency and not the brand online, I might as well be talking to actors.
  3. @chrisbrogan You can't outsource "voice" but you can outsource the counsel & execution that goes to identifying & maintaining it
  4. @chrisbrogan Not if the agency is doing it well and is truly acting as a trusted "agent" of the client
  5. @DougH - I can't agree. Will an agency communicate my interests to the client? Rarely, except in a roll up.
  6. @chrisbrogan awesome- not to say some don't do it badly or make mistakes. But horror stories tend to include internal folksas much as agency
  7. @chrisbrogan again, depends on the relationship between client and agency. So will they? Maybe. Should they? Yes.
  8. @DougH @chrisbrogan A consultancy can counsel on improving tone, voice etc but should be done by client
  9. @chrisbrogan @stuartbruce This is sounding like the argument about outsourcing customer service or speechwriting. Who does it better?
  10. @DougH @stuartbruce - a speech is a specific instance. Online presence is a larger ball of wax.
  11. @chrisbrogan Larger, but a similar principle-- so is writing scripts for news anchors. Or even being an internal co. spokesperson.
  12. @chrisbrogan All tied together. Mktg/Pr nds to know when/how to hand off to service. Agency/internal all involved. Ad ppl smile /look pretty
  13. @DougH - we wholeheartedly agree about the last part. : )
  14. @DougH @chrisbrogan Agencies exist to support brands with expertise they don't have in house. Research, strategy, creative, social and so on