Listing Your Home For Sale At The Right Time Is Important

To sell a home, the important things are to sell fast and for as high a price as possible. This is what every seller is looking for all the time.


  1. There is a lot that sellers do in order to make this possible. But there are certain things that people miss out on while listing their property.

    As per the Zillow analysis, it can help if a home is listed towards the end of spring. In fact, this is a small factor that can significantly enhance the chances of making a deal happen in the way a seller wants.

    To be specific, nearly all the country's metro markets are simple proofs of this fact. The best months for putting up a home for sale in these markets will be April or May. As per studies, homes that have been listed in the first two weeks of May tend to sell nearly nine days faster as compared to average listings. In addition, such homes achieved nearly 1 percent more in sale amount in comparison to average listings.

    There are reasons behind this finding. There is a low supply available of homes in the market during early spring. This is why the ideal window is considered to be later in the spring. There are some shoppers who start looking for a home during early spring. But due to low supply, they may have to look at several homes. They may even make a number of offers. But the end result will be that they would still be shopping for a home even after a few months.

    This is the time when May would be approaching. By this time some buyers would have become anxious. They would be eager to settle down into a new home just before the school term starts. Hence they would be willing to pay even a bit more as they would like to close the deal as soon as possible. This is the reason behind getting the attractive selling price for homes that get listed at this time.

    Seattle, as well as Portland, is the area where this trend is clearly visible. All those sellers who had listed their homes in the first few weeks of the month tend to gain the highest price boost. This is nearly 2.5 percent in Seattle while being in the range of 2 percent in Portland as compared to this area's average pricing.

    Another thing to be noticed here is that all those warm weather regions which include Miami, Phoenix and Tampa and so on do not show such kind of variation in their selling price based on the months in which they were listed. It appears that sellers here have much more flexibility in deciding when they can sell their home.
  2. When is the best time to sell your home?
  3. It is quite clear that Zillow's Best Time to List tool has been made after doing a lot of study and analysis. The seller can make use of this tool in order to estimate how the timing of their listing can impact the final sale price of their home. This is easy to use a tool. After registering on the Zillow site, its users can access this tool. They need to enter details of their home in order to obtain valuable information to help them determine the best time when they can list their home for sale.