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  1. cheap insurance ga
  2. cheap insurance ga
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://PROTECTIONQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. About how much will car insurance cost me?
  6. I'm 17, I live in texas, I have never gotten into an accident, ill be driving a 2002 SUV and I want to buy it for six months so about how much will it cost"
  7. Newborn Baby Insurance?
  8. I recently found out I am pregnant, luckily I am currently covered under my father's insurance still but I need to get insurance for my baby once he or she is born. Anyone have a good idea as to were I should go. I believe I won't be able to file for Medicaid which is perfectly fine just curious what other mother's or fathers have done."
  9. Sued by insurance company?
  10. i'm 25 and get health insurance through my work. But just recently, they've upped the fee for it: from $4/paycheck to $8/paycheck (that's weekly, not biweekly). I'm technically still able to use my dad's insurance till i'm 26 and i figure, if i can save $8 a week, then why bother using it through my work at all? But my supervisor is trying to tell me that if my dad's insurance company finds out that i'm eligible to get insurance through my work and don't use it, then they could sue me. Is this true? It shouldn't be up to them which insurance i use. I shouldn't have to pay for something i can get free somewhere else."
  11. How Much Liability Insurance Should a Typical Middle Class Family Have on Their Car?
  12. What are good amounts of coverage to have? How about bodily injury coverage, etc?"
  13. Question about getting your own insurance?
  14. A friend of mine recently just got his license and he tried to go on his mother insurance who doesn't have any insurance. Well, she tried to go on her own and they said that she had to put every single person who has insurance on, which will cost like 500 dollars per person!! Anyways, will it be possible for him to get his own, and will it be cheaper? Also, his father has his license suspended but that was at least 2yrs ago or so. Do they have to know about this or is they way to keep it from them. And, Do you have to put money down when getting insurence?"
  15. Is an Acura TSX or an Acura TL good for a teenager?
  16. my dad is looking for cars to get me and i was looking online and i found a 2007 tsx and a tl.. i like how they look.. the brand new ones, to me, are really ugly and plus the brand new ones are more expensive... im pretty sure my parents are okay with the prices of these but i was just wondering what u thought.. and im 16 by the way"
  17. 18 in TX and need health insurance?
  18. I live with my dad but he just qualified for his own insurance for seniors or something im not sure. Ignore this fact, but long story short I am a full time community college freshman and make around 700 a month at my job. I am very healthy and workout at the gym routinely and I notice i am having wisdom teeth probs. what health care can I buy thats affordable for me? I turn 19 in 3 months."
  19. How much does the average American pay for Healthcare?
  20. Spending on health care to reach $5,170 per Canadian in 2008  I'm looking for this in American."
  21. Is this insurance company giving me the runaround?
  22. I filed a claim with USAA on September 5th on a hit and run accident in which the police were able to find the person and get his insurance. He called them and said he didn't do it - and I hit him. I called, gave my side of the story and the number of the police who were handling the accident. They always say they will call me back and they don't - so I call them in which they give me another date they will get back to me. They never ONCE have gotten back to me. The policy holder who hit me is now in jail on an unrelated offense and they say they cannot get his statements - duh. They say they will contact the police and get back to me - but they never have. The damage to the car isn't that much - it is $416 (just a headlight) but I cannot afford to pay for it. Putting it through my insurance is dumb because the deductable is $500 - at least I think that is how it works. Could you give me advice on how to deal with USAA? I can't talk to them on the weekends because they say they can't handle my existing claim. I'm getting REALLY frustrated."
  23. Which is better car insurance?
  24. $500 per year with an excess of $1150 or $560 per year with an excess of $900 These are the 2 best insurance quotes i can find. Both are big reliable companies.
  25. Will the car insurance pay for my car to be fixed?